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TITLE: OLS375: Quiz 5


CLASS / COURSE: Training Methods


OLS375: Training Methods: Quiz 5

Title: Chapter 5 Quiz
1.   Self-management refers to new structural changes in companies and the reduced need for management, particularly middle management. 
2.   Self-management 
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A. Refers to one's attempt to eliminate the need for a manager.  
B. Is important because employees want to be treated as individuals.  
C. Is important because managers have too much to do.  
 D. Is one's attempt to control his/her behaviors and use of new skills in order to overcome obstacles to transfer of training.      
3.   A self-management module might include 
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 A. Identifying factors that could contribute to lapses and how to avoid them.
B. Ways to avoid one's own manager back on the job.  
C. Ways to work independently of peers back on the job to avoid hindrances.  
D. A discussion of the next training program to take.  
4.   According to the cognitive theory of transfer, 
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 A. The likelihood of transfer is related to the trainee's ability to retrieve learned capabilities.
B. Transfer is more likely when trainees have memorized a new body of knowledge than when they have learned a new skill.  
C. Knowledge is easier to retrieve from memory than skill, because of the latter's behavioral component.  
D. It is not effective to illustrate for trainees the various applications of new knowledge or skill.  
5.   Obstacles in the work environment that may inhibit transfer of new knowledge and skills back to the job include lack of time or opportunity to use them. 
6.   A support network is a group of trainees who meet and discuss their progress and experiences in applying new skills and behaviors on the job. 
7.   The purpose of having a CLO (chief learning officer) is 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. To ensure trainers locate knowledge and distribute it.  
B. Develop ways for team members to collaborate across different locations.  
 C. To develop, implement and link a knowledge culture with the companies technology infrastructure.
D. To design training programs for managers.  
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8.   The theory of identical elements suggests that transfer is most likely to occur when what is being learned in the training session matches what the trainee will have to do on the job. 
9.   A manager who teaches a program for transfer of training and participates as a trainer exhibits low support. 
10.   Fidelity refers to the extent to which the training environment is similar to the work environment. 
11.   Lapses refer to the trainee using previously learned, less effective capabilities instead of trying to use the capability emphasized in the training program. 
12.   Generalization refers to a trainee's ability to apply learned capabilities to work situations that are identical to those in the learning environment. 
13.   An effective work climate for transfer incorporates intrinsic reinforcement for using new skills and behaviors but not extrinsic reinforcement. 
14.   The stimulus generalization approach to transfer 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. Suggests that the work context must match the training context for transfer to occur.  
B. Suggests that stimuli in the work context must be the same as the stimuli in the training context in order for transfer to occur.  
C. Suggests that training should emphasize principles underlying a skill in order for that skill to be applied to one's work.    
D. Suggests that the response to stimuli in the training session should extend back to the job because of the strength of the stimuli.  
15.   Recognizing the value of human, social, and structural knowledge, many companies are attempting to become learning organizations in order to develop better products. 
16.   According to the chapter, all of the following influence the transfer of training except 
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A. Trainee motivation and ability.  
B. Creating a learning environment that incorporates transfer theory principles.  
C. Management and peer support.  
 D. Use of Taylor-Smith strategies.
17.   Near transfer refers to 
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A. Being able to apply new knowledge and skills very quickly to the job.  
B. Being able to conduct training in very close proximity to the work site.  
C. Being able to apply learned capabilities exactly to the work situation.    
D. Being able to perform almost as well in the work context as one did in the training context.  
18.   The opportunity to perform 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
 A. Is the extent to which one is provided the chance to use new skills and behaviors on the job.     
B. Is influenced by the work environment and peer motivation only.  
C. Should happen in the training context rather than the work context.  
D. Is more reinforcing if it involves overcoming obstacles in order to use new skills and behaviors.  
19.   Management support for training 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. ranges from acting as a trainer at the high end of support to putting up barriers at the low end of support.  
B. should not involve attending the training, for this inhibits the trainees.  
C. should not involve teaching in the program, since this inhibits the trainees.  
 D. ranges from acting as a trainer at the high end of support to acknowledging the importance of the training at the very least. 
20.   A learning organization 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. involves employees who learn all the time, so transfer is not an issue.  
 B. involves a culture in which learning is rewarded and supported.
C. surprisingly tends not to facilitate transfer.  
D. doesn't see transfer of training as a cultural issue.  
21.   Chapter 5 outlines key features of a learning organization. What are those key features? For each feature, give an example of how this feature has been used in your current or previous work environments. 

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