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TITLE: OLS384: Group Assignment Week 11 and 12


CLASS / COURSE: Leadership Process


NASA Lost-on-the-Moon activity

Group Assignment

Complete the Activity on p. 475 of your text. You will most likely need to meet in person, but you may complete this activity as you see fit. No written assignment is due this week.

Group Assignment

Each group must write a one-page-double spaced paper, critiquing the processes that your group used in the NASA Lost-on-the-Moon activity. This must be a minimum of 250 and a maximum of 300 words.  What forces helped our group processes? What forces hindered our group processes? What can we do in the future to maximize the helpful forces? What can we do in the future to minimize the hindering forces? You must use the text in addition to at least two other sources, which must be cited. This must be emailed to the instructor in Vista by Saturday midnight.


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