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TITLE: OLS384: Quiz Week 10 Chapter 9


CLASS / COURSE: Leadership Process


Title: Chapter 9 Quiz
1. According to the ERG theory, only one need can operate at a time. 
2. Performance 
1. Is the likelihood behavior an individual will initiate and continue exhibiting  
2. Involves making judgments about the adequacy of behavior with respect to certain criteria such as organizational goals  
 3. Concerns those behaviors directed toward the organization's goals resulting from those behaviors
4. Describes choosing a task to engage in establishing the level of effort to put forth on it and determining the degree of persistence in it over time  
3. Leaders appear to be very good at accurately assessing followers' work values. 
4. Which of the following involves making judgments about the adequacy of behavior with respect to certain criteria such as work-group or organizational goals? 
1. Reliability  
2. Responsiveness  
3. Performance  
4. Effectiveness    
5. Self-efficacy is not linked to motivation and performance. 
6. Job satisfaction is 
1. How hard one works  
2. How much one likes a specific kind of job    
3. How well one works  
4. How much one is motivated to work  
7. Sometimes followers are actually rewarded for behaviors that leaders are trying to extinguish and punished for behaviors that leaders want to increase. 
8. Among the following underlying causes of performance problems, leaders seem to have the most difficulty recognizing and rectifying 
 1. Motivation problems
2. Unclear expectations  
3. Skill deficits  
4. Resource/equipment shortages  
9. The emotions generated by political campaigns often seem to provide a better explanation for the large amount of time and effort people contribute. 
10. According to Alderfer's existence-relatedness-growth theory, existence needs basically correspond to Maslow's 
1. Physiological and social needs  
2. Social and esteem needs  
3. Need for self-actualization  
4. Physiological and security needs    
11. In surveys of job satisfaction, a facet satisfaction item asks about particular aspects of the job such as pay or working conditions. 
12. According to the ERG theory, which of the following statements about followers is true? 
1. If followers are repeatedly thwarted in satisfying a need, then leadership practitioners should appeal to that need  
2. Followers having relatively satisfied existence needs are more apt to focus on relatedness and growth needs  
 3. Followers' frustration of higher-level need can lead to efforts to satisfy lower-level needs
4. Followers having relatively unmet growth needs will focus their behaviors on satisfying that need  
13. At least some of the increasing violence at home and in the workplace may be exacerbated by poor leadership. 
14. An individual's tendency to exert effort toward task accomplishment depended partly on the strength of his/her motive to achieve success. This is called 
1. Problem solving  
2. Customer orientation  
3. Relationship building  
 4. Achievement orientation 
15. Most leaders prefer appealing to their employees' personal values or give them something meaningful to do. 
16. Some people are motivated to persist in certain behaviors for the simple reason that they like to do them. This is called 
1. Extrinsic motivation  
2. Overjustification effect  
 3. Intrinsic motivation 
4. Observer effect  
17. Procedural justice involves the process in which rewards or punishments are administered. 
18. What are the most powerful determinants of task behaviors, according to Locke and Latham? 
1. Values  
 2. Goals
3. Abilities  
4. Needs  
19. Fairness in the workplace makes intuitive sense and is present in many organizations. 
20. This occurs when leaders articulate high expectations for followers. 
1. Hawthorne effect  
 2. Pygmalion effect
3. Placebo effect  
4. Hierarchy effect  

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