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TITLE: OLS384: Quiz Week 13 Chapter 11


CLASS / COURSE: Leadership Process


Title: Chapter 11 Quiz
1. ) Researchers advocating the situational viewpoint believed leaders were made, not born. 
2. What plays the most important role in determining who emerges as a leader, in response to the Great Man theory of leadership according to leadership researchers? 
1. Abilities  
2. Traits  
 3. Situation
4. Behavior  
3. In the information age, companies succeed according to how well they can capture the benefits from "economies of scale and scope". 
4. The information age organization operates with integrated business processes that cut across traditional business functions. This concerns which operating assumption underlying the information age? 
1. Links to customers and suppliers  
 2. Cross functions
3. Global scales  
4. Knowledge workers  
5. Solving a morale problem exemplifies a structured task. 
6. Industrial age companies prospered by offering low-cost but standardized products and services. This pertains to 
 1. Customer segmentation
2. Links to customers and suppliers  
3. Innovations  
4. Cross functions  
7. With the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, judgers prefer activities that are unstructured. 
8. The degree to which a situation requires completion of a whole unit of work from beginning to end with a visible outcome is called 
1. Skill variety  
2. Task significance  
 3. Task identity
4. Autonomy  
9. Leaders at higher organizational levels spend a considerable amount of time implementing policies. 
10. Task significance is 
1. The degree to which a job involves performing a variety of different activities or skills  
2. The degree to which a situation or task requires completion of a whole unit of work from beginning to end with a visible outcome  
3. The degree to which a job provides an individual with some control over what he does and how he does it  
 4. The degree to which a job substantially impacts others' lives 
11. Greater horizontal complexity is associated with an increased likelihood for communication breakdowns between subunits. 
12. Jeff works as a self-employed consultant. He decides when, where and how he works based on market demand and personal preference. Jeff's job has a high degree of 
 1. Autonomy
2. Task interdependence  
3. Task structure  
4. Skill variety  
13. Administrative costs are low in matrix organizations. 
14. Which of the following statements about unstructured tasks is false? 
1. Unstructured tasks are by nature somewhat ill defined  
2. Reducing the degree of ambiguity inherent in an unstructured situation is a leadership behavior appreciated by followers  
 3. While it is easier for a leader to give instruction in unstructured tasks, it is not necessarily the most helpful thing to do 
4. Subordinates need help when a task is unstructured  
15. Organizational climate is partly a function of organizational culture. 
16. If we consider the example of ironing a shirt, which of the following task dimensions would be high? 
1. Skill variety  
2. Task significance  
3. Task structure    
4. Task interdependence  
17. The lowest level of technological complexity occurs when a continuous process is mechanized from beginning to end. 
18. Typically, greater horizontal complexity is associated with 
1. The number of hierarchical levels appearing on an organization chart  
 2. The increased likelihood for communication breakdowns between subunits
3. The degree of standardization in an organization  
4. The diffusion of decision making throughout an organization  
19. The most important point regarding situational engineering is to get leaders and followers to understand that the situation is not set in concrete. 
20. In terms of environmental uncertainty, structures in stable environments should be 
1. Flexible enough to adapt to changing conditions  
 2. Relatively formalized
3. Highly differentiated  
4. Organic structures  

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