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TITLE: OLS384: Quiz Week 5 Chapter 4


CLASS / COURSE: Leadership Process


Title: Chapter 4 Quiz
1. The root cause of most major industrial accidents and incidents can be traced back to management cost-cutting initiatives. 
2. In employee satisfaction surveys, more than 75 percent of all respondents indicate that the most stressful part of their job is their 
1. Immediate boss
2. Work colleagues  
3. Physical environment  
4. Productivity  
3. The Dr Gordy test is used to determine the level of incompetence among persons in positions of authority. 
4. According to research, between 50–90 percent of all new businesses fail within five years due to 
1. Insufficient capital  
 2. Managerial incompetence
3. Location  
4. Lack of planning  
5. Assessing leadership potential is fundamentally concerned with testing who will or will not be an effective leader once they have been placed into a position. 
6. These persons in positions of authority do not want attention and have difficulties with both building teams and getting results. 
1. Results only managers  
2. Competent managers  
 3. In name only managers
4. Cheerleaders  
7. Internet or paper-and-pencil measures of leadership are relatively inexpensive and are good predictors of leadership success. 
8. The key to success for organizations is to make sure that 
1. They have higher percentages of in name only managers who occupy critical positions  
 2. They have a higher percentage of competent managers than their competitors 100%    
3. They have a high percentage of cheerleaders  
4. They have results-only-managers in pivotal leadership roles  
9. We are examining the behavior per se, when making judgments about the relative success of a leader. 
10. Identify the major worry for top leaders, regardless of country or organization. 
1. Organizational barriers  
2. Difficulty finding laborers  
 3. The lack of high quality leadership talent
4. Too much focus on short-term development  
11. The two major qualitative approaches include correlational studies and experiments. 
12. Why is it extremely important to develop good competency models for critical leadership positions? 
 1. Because they become the framework around which all human resource systems are aligned 100%    
2. To ensure an organization's selection process is hiring candidates with the right skills  
3. Because they can develop well-researched processes for promoting leadership talent  
4. To clarify an organization's strategy for the next 5–10 years  
13. Leadership research provides useful advice to leadership practitioners. 
14. Adopting valid and well-researched processes for hiring, developing or promoting leadership talent is necessary for developing 
1. A good competency model  
 2. A good leadership talent management system
3. A critical leadership position  
4. A performance appraisal system  
15. Maxims are personal opinions that can give leaders valuable advice about leadership. 
16. What are the leading causes of managerial incompetence? 
1. Poor relationships with subordinates  
2. Poor performance  
3. Poor promotion decisions    
 4. Poor talent management practices 
17. How would you use the case study approach to determine what it takes to be an effective chief of police? 
18. Describe the practice-research gap? 


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