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TITLE: OLS384: Quiz Week 9 Chapter 8


CLASS / COURSE: Leadership Process


Title: Chapter 8 Quiz
1. The Leader Behavior Description Questionnaire was developed by Ohio State University researchers. 
2. Leaders high in initiating structure engage in 
 1. Monitoring subordinates' performance levels 100%    
2. Speaking up for subordinates' interests  
3. Caring about subordinates' personal situations  
4. Showing appreciation for subordinates' work  
3. Researchers at the University of Michigan considered job-centered and employee-centered behaviors to be at opposite ends of a single continuum of leadership behavior. 
4. Which of the following leadership questionnaires measured the extent to which leaders in industrial settings exhibited consideration and initiating structure behaviors? 
1. LBDQ  
2. LOQ  
 4. SBDQ   
5. There is a universal set of leader behaviors always associated with leadership success. 
6. Behaviors concerned with motivating subordinates to accomplish the task at hand are called 
1. Interaction facilitation behaviors  
2. Work facilitation behaviors  
 3. Goal emphasis behaviors 
4. Leader support behaviors  
7. According to the Leadership Grid, 1,1 leaders are the most successful in the workplace. 
8. Work facilitation behaviors deal with 
 1. Leaders acquiring and allocating resources
2. Leaders motivating subordinates to accomplish the task at hand  
3. Leaders showing concern for subordinates  
4. Leaders minimizing conflicts among followers  
9. A study of many firms reported that companies that used 360-degree feedback systems had a 10.6 percent increase in shareholder value. 
10. In terms of the Leadership Grid, leaders scoring 1,9 denotes 
1. Low concern for people and high concern for production  
2. High concern for people and production  
 3. High concern for people and low concern for production
4. Low concern for people and production  
11. White peers and subordinates generally gave about the same level of ratings for both black and white peers and bosses. 
12. 'Adequate organization performance is possible through balancing the necessity to get work out while maintaining morale of people at a satisfactory level.' In terms of the Leadership Grid, what leadership orientation does this signify? 
1. Team management  
2. Country Club management  
3. Impoverished management  
 4. Middle-of-the-road management  
13. Most managers exhibiting derailment behavioral patterns are aware of the negative impact they have on others. 
14. Community leaders 
1. Have positional power  
2. Can get tasks accomplished  
 3. Tend to have fewer resources
4. Can discipline followers who do not adhere to organizational norms  
15. Leaders and followers use development plans as a road map for changing their own behaviors. 
16. The leadership competency of helping a group or community recognize and define its opportunities and issues in ways that result in effective action is 
 1. Framing
2. Building social capital  
3. Mobilization  
4. Interaction facilitation  
17. Leadership practitioners have a tendency to concentrate on coaching their solid or top followers. 
18. Building social capital 
1. Helps a community decide what needs to be done  
 2. Is the power of relationships shared between individuals 
3. Is engaging a critical mass to take action to achieve a specific outcome  
4. Helps a group decide how something needs to be done  
19. Role plays and videotape are used extensively during informal coaching sessions. 
20. Which of the following statements concerning 360-degree feedback systems is false? 
1. Companies that used 360-degree feedback systems had a 10.6 percent decrease in shareholder value  
2. Most 360-degree feedback systems are designed to make comparisons between people    
3. 360-degree feedback are data based and provide good development feedback  
4. It provides insight into self-perceptions and others' perceptions of leadership skills  

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