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TITLE: Paper on Takeover or merger

UNIVERSITY / INSTITUTE: Hull University Business School

CLASS / COURSE: Managing Finance


Assessment task and assessment criteria for coursework

Coursework Assignment

Coursework assignment word limit: 2500 words

The contemporary financial environment in the United Kingdom is an undeniably competitive and certainly an unpredictable place. Sometimes chaotic – very often turbulent, the financial environment is a dynamic place - always changing - always developing.

Provide a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of a recently reported financial event with the UK marketplace.

The event must be Europe based and must have occurred during the last 24 months - that is no earlier than March 2008.

Note:   This question may be answered by selecting one of many different events, of which some possible examples would be:


·       New issue of shares or a buy-back of shares

·       Flotation

·     Takeover or merger

·       De-merger

·       Management buy-out or management buy-in

·       Corporate financial restructuring

·       Change in dividend policy

·       Corporate investment in large international project

In order to answer the question, you will need to report the event and then select particular aspects of the event to analyse in-depth using the financial knowledge you have acquired on this and prerequisite units. Your report and evaluation should demonstrate an understanding of the event, an appreciation of its implications, and an understanding of relevant financial theory. 

You are strongly advised to consult your module tutor at an early stage on your choice of financial event.

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