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TITLE: PharmaSim Final report


CLASS / COURSE: MGMT 324 Marketing Management


This tutorial has final report of PharmaSim marketing simulation of MGMT 324 Marketing Management course. 

PharmaSimFinal Report Guideline


The purpose of this report is 1) to evaluate your own decisions and performances in the simulationand 2) to reflect on them with regard to the concepts and principles covered in the course.

  • All reports should be typed, single-spaced, using 12-point font
  • The paper must have a headerincluding the term (e.g., Summer 2010), yourname,and the date.
  • Keep your paper professionalin terms of presentation (layout,formatting, etc.) and writing (clear and concise, use of marketing vocabulary, no spelling/grammar errors, etc.).


  • Usethe following outline for your report. Each section should have a heading.  You may add additional sections that you think are necessary and helpful, but be sure to include the following:
    1. One-pageExecutive performance summaryaddressed to the “Chief Marketing Officer at AllStar Brands.” This page should include:
      1. A table summarizing your accomplishment over 10 periods as a brand manager. Complete and include the table below.

AllStar10-year Performance Summary

Performance Indices

Period 0

Period 10

% Change

Stock Price




Manufacturer Market Share




Retail Market Share




Annual Net Income




Cumulative Net Income




Average Marketing Efficiency Index




Average Trade Rating




  1. One-paragraph self-evaluation of your overall performance as a brand manager.
  2. The portfolio graph (period 10, narrow market definition).
  3. One paragraph outlook for your brands (Identify the position (star, cashcow, etc.) of each product in the graph and discuss what must be done for each product in the next few periods).
  4. Marketing Plan and Strategies(4~5 pages)

In this section, explain how and why you set and adjust your 4P’s for each product you marketed to achieve the results reported in section A. You do not need to present every decision for every period. However, you should explain your marketing strategies in terms of;

  1. Rationale for each product (reformulations, line extension, new product) decisions
  2. What target market you chose for each product and why.
  3. How you adjusted your pricing, channel, and promotions in response to the changes in:
    1. macro environment of the industry
    2. consumer behaviors 
    3. competitors’ moves
    4. product lifecycle   
  4. What was learned(4~5 pages)

In this section you should discuss;

  1. What were the three good decisions you made in the simulation? Why were they good?
  2. What were the three bad decisions you made in the simulation? Why were they bad?
  3. What would you do differentlyand how, if you can replay the simulation?Answer this question in the form of advices for the next brand managerof AllStar.



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