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TITLE: Portfolio Analysis

CLASS / COURSE: Investment


This week, we will be doing a fundamental analysis of each of the stocks currently in our portfolio.

First, open a new Excel spreadsheet.

Next, transcribe the name and ticker symbol of each of the stocks which are in the OTIS portfolio onto the spreadsheet.

Now, return your web browser to either www.stockdata.com, or finance.yahoo.com (whichever site you feel more comfortable with). Scroll down to find the ratios section of the background information. On your spreadsheet, transcribe the data for Return on Assets, Return on Equity, Earnings per Share, Dividends per Share, and Market to Book Ratio both for your stock and the industry as a whole. (Note: These data may also be available through OTIS; feel free to substitute the source)

Finally, open a Word document and prepare an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your stocks based on this ratio analysis. Be sure indicate whether your firms are better/worse (favorable/unfavorable) in comparison to the other companies in the industry. At the end of the document, be sure to make recommendations to buy (hold) or sell (dispose of) the stocks in your portfolio. Explain the reasoning for your recommendations.

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