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TITLE: Research Paper


CLASS / COURSE: BUS 306 Intermediate Accounting II


BUS 306 Intermediate Accounting II

Research Paper:

A critical research paper on an accounting topic will be due two weeks prior to the end of the term.  The paper should be between 6-7 pages typed, double spaced.  Any acceptable formats such as APA may be used but consistently apply the method.  Generally, a business research paper should have a thesis statement so the reader knows what you are trying to prove or disprove.  This will also help to prepare you for graduate school!  Your paper should also have a cover sheet and bibliography, but these do not count towards your 6-7 pages.  Your topic should be related to one of the topics covered in our course.  Some examples of topics could be Sarbanes-Oxley impact on companies, international accounting related to a topic in our course, current proposed changes, compare and contrast FIFO and LIFO, etc.  The topic should require thought and you should be able to arrive at a conclusion based on your research.  You must include at least three peer-reviewed journal articles for your paper.  The Journal of Accountancy should be one of them. 


Content is as important as format.  You could have a beautifully written paper but receive a low grade due to lack of a challenging topic that requires thought and a well-drafted conclusion.  START your paper early!!!  You may need to obtain interlibrary periodicals as there may be a lack of adequate current topic resources.  Give credit where credit is due.  Be aware that I will use a software program to screen papers submitted as class projects.  The rubric that I will use to grade you paper is attached.  It is important for you to submit an outline for your paper to ensure that you are on the right track with your topic and your sources.  Your outline will be due no later than completion of Chapter 11.  Your final paper will be due no later than after you complete Chapter 14.  I encourage you to submit drafts along the way so I can help you “polish” your paper.  If you wait until the last minute, your draft will end up being your final paper and may not reflect your best work.


Rubric for Research Paper










Needs Improvement









20 points

Ideas are clear and easy to understand.


Ideas are clear and somewhat understood.


Ideas are basic and not developed.


Ideas are random and not comprehensive.




15 points

Paper is very organized and easy to follow.


Paper is somewhat organized and easy to follow.


Paper is not organized and hard to follow.


Paper rambles.




15 points

Uses advanced grammar. Excellent sentence structure.

Appropriate punctuation.

Uses many accounting terms.


Any three of the four.


Any two of the four.


One or less.




10 points


Incorporated IFRS in several areas.


Incorporated IFRS in a few areas.


Incorporated IFRS in one area.


Did not incorporate IFRS in report.




20 points

Clearly states the topic.  Includes examples. Goes beyond the scope of the textbook.


States topic, has some examples, very little outside the text book.


States topic, few if any examples and only uses text.


States topic, no examples, and no outside work.




15 points

Included five or more peer-reviewed references.


Included 3-4 references.


Included 2 references.


One or fewer references.



Paper Length

5 points

15-12 pages.


>11 or <10


>9 or <8





Total 100 points








The Topics and Chapters covered in this course are following. This will help you which topic you should choose as per chapters covered in this course.



Introduction to the Course and Syllabus Review

Chapter 8-Inventories:Measurement

Chapter 9-Inventories: Additional Issues

Chapter 10-Property, Plant, and Equipment and Intangible Assets :Acquisition and Disposition


Chapter 11- Property, Plant, and Equipment and Intangible Assets: Utilization and Impairment


Chapter 12-Investments

Chapter 13-Current Liabilities and Contingencies

Chapter 14-Bonds and Long-Term Notes

Chapter 15-Leases




Once you selected a research topic related to accounting as per chapters covered above, you need to submit an outline first. The outline should include following:


1. Thesis Statement

2. Introduction and Explanation of Topic you selected

3. Structure of the research paper and major headings covered

4. At least 6 references including at least three peer reviewed journal articles related to accounting.


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