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TITLE: Risk Assessment and Mitigation Process in the Car Garage


CLASS / COURSE: MET 495 Purdue

QUESTION DESCRIPTION: The idea of this assignment: You learned Risk Assessment in OLS30000, a pre-requisite for this course. For this assignment, pick an area that you have control over - possibly your kitchen, garage, car, desk etc. Perform a risk analysis of the area, and using your findings change the area to make it safer and report on the change. Submit this assignment as a formal Word Document. Include images of before and after. Over simplified submissions that say, for example, "the area has no risk and needs no improvement" will receive a 0. You must pick an area that actually has risk and needs improvement for this assignment. Word Limits for each part: The Introduction must be between 150 -200 words. The Risk Identification between 400 -500 words. The Changes for Mitigating the Risk Factors between 350-450 words. The Conclusion between 150-200.

SOLUTION DESCRIPTION: Risk is a state of uncertainty, leading to a damage or loss of some physical, social or financial wealth due to......

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