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TITLE: Royal Mail strike scenario and SHRM Policy

CLASS / COURSE: Strategic Human Resource


Strategic Human Resource Management 

Assignment 1



The Importance of a Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) Policy for Business and its significant value in making the Human Resource Management Process Efficient.


Date Issued: Week 12 = 21 October 2009


Date to be submitted: Week = 16 December 2009


Assignment Learning Outcome: Please refer to the Module Handbook before you attempt this assignment.

The principles applicable to this Assignment:
This is an extract from Chapter 1: Chapter Overview of the following resource:
Human Resource Management: Transforming Theory into Innovative Practice;
by Charmine Hartel, Yuka Fujimoto, Victoria Strybosch and Karen Fitzpatrick.


‘………………..The history of the field of human resource management (HRM) can be traced back to its inception as a subset of organizational behaviour. The influence HRM received from the scientific management perspective, human relations movement and behavioural science approach is noteworthy through its evolution. The present day perspective of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) proactivelyintegrates organizational structure, strategy and culture with personnel management and can be distinguished from the more reactive practices of HRM (the process)in a number of ways. The acceptance of SHRM as an important field in organizational science has come through its ability to deliver better organizational performance’


Theme of this assignment:


The Importance of a Strategic Human Resource Management Policy (Pro-Active) for Business and its significance in rendering an efficient the Human Resource Management Process (Reactive).




  • Assignment Brief.


World wide commerce and industry are experiencing recessionary conditions and one of the detrimental effects of the recession is job losses / retrenchment of personnel. In order to deal with this recessionary consequences business rely on an efficient Strategic HRM (SHRM) policy that result into a well designed and executed HRM Process.


Your Task

Case Study:Your task is to use the present Royal Mail strike scenario and research the development in the news media and on the internet over the recent months.

Gathering information: Based on the information available and making use of the above SHRM model, describe the ideal SHRM policy that might have prevented the prensent strike action. Give specific attention to the PEST influence from the environment.

Value Judgement: In your opiniondid the application of SHRM (pro-active) lead to efficient HRM (reactive) process within Royal Mail? How can Royal Mail prevent, or reduce the disruptive effects of a strike action in the future. Write notes on how this can be achieved.

Note: It will not be necessary to obtain any policy documentation from Royal Mail in this assignment; the information in the news media is all that is required.

(Maximum 1500 words)


Guide lines


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