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TITLE: Sociology of Religion: Final Essay: Gender Role in Religion



AP/SOCI 3650 3.0: Sociology of Religion

Final Essay Requirements   (40 percent)

The final essay will integrate theoretical and empirical analysis for a selected group of topics on religion, sociology and society.   The required length will be 8 to10 pages double spaced.

Weber, Marx and Durkheim are the three sociologists we were talking the most in class, so I think it will be good if you mention them in this paper.


The following elements are important in a good sociology paper:

•    A title page

•     Objective

•    Thesis or hypothesis

•    Counter-argument(s) and theories,

•    Organizational scheme.  (i.e.  This essay shall consist of three parts…)

•    Analysis and Conclusion


•    Must have at least five sources

•    Must also be in alphabetical order and not numbered

Use APA or ASA direct referencing, not footnotes.

Some Proposed Essay Topics

Canada’s Religious Communities-Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Sikh etc

Religion and the Rise of Capitalism

Religion, Anomie and Alienation

Religion and Social Integration

Religion and the Social Self

New Religious Movements and the New Millenium

Church, Sect and Cult

Religion and Social Change: i.e Religion and Globalization, Religious Social Movements


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