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TITLE: Turner Test Prep Co. case

CLASS / COURSE: Entrepreneurship


Jessica Turner is the founder and CEO of Turner Test Prep, a California company specializing in preparing people for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. In the Spring of 2003 she felt that she was not achieving market share and growing in the right direction. After three years of operation, Turner had about 10 percent of the market and was facing fierce competition from her primary rival, National Testing Services. Jessica wanted to improve marketing and gain market share. **Note: Review Case 1A Turner Test Prep Co. in your text book for additional information (it is after chapter 4 in the text).

In a well crafted essay, answer the following questions. Make sure to show your work.

1. What is Jessica’s break-even point? (Show your calculations and explain your results)

2.         How does Turner Test Prep overcome the competition from NTC?

3.         How can Jessica achieve greater market share?

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