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TITLE: Wall Street Journal Article Review


CLASS / COURSE: MGMT 324 Marketing Management


This tutorial has WSJ article review for following articles:

Article title: - Honda to Recall over 8,500 City Sedans in India
Writer: - Nikhil Gulati
Date: - January 30, 2010
Web address: -

Instructions for WSJ Article Review

You are responsible for reviewing two Wall Street Journal articles and posting those reviews in a special discussion forum. These WSJ articles must be related to marketing and the topics we are covering in this class

The first WSJ article review may be posted at any time up until 9:30 pm on the first due date – shown on the schedule and in the calendar – and the second article review should be posted after the first due date and any time up to 9:30 p.m. on the second due date – shown on the schedule and in the calendar. Each article review is worth up to 50 points.

Your review should have the following format:

  1. Title of the article
  2. The complete citation for the article - Author, date, title, specific web address at www.wsj.com or location in the print edition.
  3. Minimum of one paragraph summarizing the article
  4. Minimum of one paragraph discussing what you found interesting about the article
  5. Minimum of one paragraph showing how this material relates to what is discussed in the textbook. You must include specific references to the text – including page numbers for reference. This is the most important section. Consider this an essay question. Use your best marketing language and explain the article in marketing terms. Do not simply list topics and page numbers.

You are expected to post an original article. Please do not use any of the articles I may send you. Also, please do not post an article that another student has posted. It's first come, first served. You will be graded on the depth and quality of your review and the degree to which you link the news presented to the information in the text book.

You are encouraged to look at and read through the article summaries as a quick way to keep up with what is interesting, relevant, and new.

Extra Credit:  Any additional postings will count toward extra credit. You may submit up to 2 additional article reviews at each of the due dates (total of 4 possible extra reviews) for extra credit. Each extra review will be worth up to 10 points.

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