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TITLE: Week4: Strategic Choice and Evaluation

UNIVERSITY / INSTITUTE: University of Phoenix

CLASS / COURSE: Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning and Implementation: MBAY0TOA31
Week Four: Strategic Choice and Evaluation:
Evaluate potential generic strategies for an organization.
Evaluate potential value disciplines for an organization.
Evaluate potential grand strategies for an organization.
Evaluate potential multi-business strategies for an organization.
Course Assignments
Ø  ReadCh. 6, 7, & 11 ofGaining and Sustaining Competitive Advantage.
Ø  Read Ch. 7–9 of Strategic Management.
Individual Assignment: Strategic Choice and Evaluation Paper
Ø  Writea paper of no more than 1,400 words identify your  strategic plan for your new start-up company, including:
o   Mission, Vision, and Value statements
o   Competitive Market Analysis
o   Organizational Structure including the analyzes for the structure, that would include  ownership, e.g. Sole Proprietor, Corporation , Limited Liability Company/Corporation or Partnership
o   Exit strategy
Format your paper consistent with professional/business guidelines/standards or a business proposal.

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