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TITLE: World Wide Fund for Nature

CLASS / COURSE: Education


"You will be responsible for educating the class on any information you can obtain on a charity or non-profit organization. You may use charts, graphs, PowerPoint, videos, pictures, whatever is effective. The ONLINE section presentations will be given using a webcam and WIMBA (available later in Blackboard). The individual presentation is required to receive credit for this course.

Give any pertinent information:

  • Where and how you obtained your information. 
  • Web sitefor the organization if it has one and what’s there. 
  • Whyyou chose that organization! 
  • Any other info you obtain about that organization. 

After you have selected your charity or non-profit organization, you should research and gather your information, then organize the information for writing a short report (separate email instructions) and presenting in your PowerPoint presentation.

You can prepare your written report before OR after you prepare your PP file. The information in your written report will contain more detailed information and, of course, be organized into paragraphs, etc.

Your PowerPoint file will avoid the use of sentences and will contain topic items that you will discuss and/or explain as you narrate the slides during your presentation. If using Wimba, animations should be eliminated.

What you ‘speak’ and what you ‘write’ will differ but both are based on the same research and information. Both your written report and your PP slides should contain graphs, tables, pictures, charts, etc. as appropriate. Once you have selected your organization, read all previous posts to the Discussion Board item in Blackboard and then post your choice. Be sure to post your selection BEFORE you begin researching.

The presentation should be about 10 slides with speaker notes and short report about 3 pages APA style.

The selected charity or non-profit organization is " World Wide Fund for Nature

SOLUTION DESCRIPTION: Non profit organizations are established for the purpose of providing services to the community and well being of......

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