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TITLE: Writing Assignment 3

UNIVERSITY / INSTITUTE: Colorado State University

CLASS / COURSE: ECON 211 Economics


ECON 211: Gender in the Economy
Final Writing Assignment: Media/Social Commentary
Instructions and Grading
Address all of the issues below in a 3 – 4 page, 12 pt font, double-spaced paper. There are 50 points possible. Be sure to proofread and check spelling. Your paper will be graded by being assigned to a 5-point grade range based upon its quality and content. After that, grammar and spelling will determine your exact grade. For example, the overall quality of your paper may fall into the 40-45 point range, but if there are moderate errors in spelling and grammar then you would earn 40 points out of 50. If there are no spelling or grammatical errors you would earn 45 points out of 50. Excessive spelling and grammar issues could garner a larger penalty.
There is no required format or style for this paper, although it seems that a brief intro could transition into a more detailed summary and then into the rest of the body. A conclusion should not just be a restatement of the introduction, but a statement that ties all of the information together and presents the “big picture” view of what you just discussed along with any final main point that the discussion leads up to.
Online Submission
You can submit your paper by attaching or pasting it into the link provided online. Your paper will be submitted privately and cannot be viewed by other students. The submission link is found at the bottom of the week #14 and week #15 Learning Modules.
The Issues
For your final paper you will be given free reign as to your choice of a topic. All that is required is that you use what we have learned to analyze part of our contemporary society. The subject you choose could be political, or it could be from the popular media – it’s really up to you. You will be graded on your ability to apply 3 to 4 (or more if you like) of our concepts to the topic you choose. You may want to look for news reports of wage discrimination, or you can write a commentary on TV shows such as Mad Men or Desperate Housewives. Whatever you choose, your job is to show that you can actually use and apply the concepts we’ve learned. The concepts you choose could be entire theories, such as the neoclassical theory of the family, or they could be fairly simple, such as the concept of employer discrimination. You’ll need to bring in a minimum of 3 to 4 of these concepts and to make sure that you explicitly state the term we used in each case.
Be sure to include bibliographical information about the subject you are writing about. I’m anticipating most people will find a news article from a reputable source. Online sources are fine as long as they are from a legitimate news agency like Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, and even MSNBC or Fox News (no blogs or fake-news/conspiracy sites). If it’s an article you can cite it MLA, APA, or Chicago Style in a bibliography. You can also use a pop-culture reference or TV series such as Mad Men or Desperate Housewives as long as it gives you enough to analyze and talk about. In citing a pop-culture reference you can use MLA, APA, or Chicago Style but you may need to omit some info such as episode# or date if you are referring to the entire series.
Your goal in this paper is to show you can use our ideas and theories to analyze a real-life situation or event. You will be graded on your ability to bring in several theories and concepts, and to use them and apply them correctly.

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